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April 01, 2013

A Night in Town


He does not know her so well actually. They met only three or four other times in different cities before, in different continents with different excuses. He somehow suspects that she is married, and she somehow suspects that he is lying. It would be easy to ask and talk through it. That is in fact the only thing they do outside bed: to talk. It would be easy to ask but that would break the spell. They discuss about everything, about him and about her, but never about them. They don´t want the other to fall in love, but they dont want to listen they are not either.
He has slept for a couple of hours and while his eyes accomodate to darkness her profile appears most wonderful than ever in front of that window. It takes him some seconds to remember in which city they are. The only things that come to his mind are the flashes of the short talk at the lobby of that fancy hotel, her small luggage, her eyes moving up slowly after hearing her name, the sweet taste on her lips from the last sip of gin tonic and that familiar feeling of surrender.
Some months ago he promised to himself after a goodbye kiss that tasted as this one, that it would be the last time. But now her image gets more clear in front of him and her mind starts thinking on the evening that is about to start: the warm shower, her sexy dress, the subtile make-up, only for him, the hidden restaurant, the dizziness of the red wine, the discrete looks of other men in the room, the taxis with silent drivers,... the happiness.
The fast, fragile and deep conviction that this is it. That life is about waking up in some unknown city with the smell of a person we like on our skin, in a bedroom that we have never seen, on a bed we do not own. Knowing that the sunset that she has just seen naked from that room is the start of a magic night in town. With the girl we love.
Even if in the morning a quick kiss resets that love and sends us again to that world where sun brights too much to leave the curtains open and to ask the questions with answers that we don´t want to hear.

Posted by antonio at April 1, 2013 11:58 PM