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March 01, 2010

Eleven years

The only book I really enjoyed from Coelho talks about a Brazilian prostitute working in Geneva´s rue de Berne. Just two steps away from my beloved Rue de Fribourg, the little street where I spent the best years and moments of my life. It´s called Eleven Minutes and when I was riding back from work I remembered that I arrived to Geneva eleven years ago, March 1st, 1999.
Anyone who follows this blog (thanks again) knows that I left my city to come to Aix four months ago and, although it´s getting better, I still wonder why I left it when I loved it so much and my life just could not be better.
I left Barcelona because of work when I was 22, scared, stupid and virgin. I have never missed Barcelona again. I left Geneva being 33, sad and single, and I know I will miss it for years.
When people asks me about my professional life I enjoy explaning that each big scientific project I have been involved in has costed me a girlfriend. The LHC made me lose Estela, ALBA saw my last year of real happiness with Raquel and ITER was the reason why the perfect thing with Natasha had a sudden, fast, and sad ending. I am still in love with her and I think that´s the reason why I dont get to fall in love with ITER.
Eleven years.
Eleven years since I was forced to change my life, my future and myself. Eleven years that include four incredible girlfriends (my Romanian love did not finish because of Science but just because we spent two years fighting each other instead of just loving each other, Natasha made the rest). Eleven years of many loyal friends that I hope they know I would kill for them (long life to the GSS!).
Eleven years of Lea.
Eleven years of Geneva.
Eleven years that made me change completely. Eleven years that almost made me forgot who I was before I left Spain.
There was always one thing that helped me to keep the best of me, the little part of myself who kept reminding me the young wannabe engineer I used to be, leaving Barcelona crying on that tragic first of March, she lived with me for years, she is geting married in three months, and nothing would have been so amazing if I could not have shared it with her. Thanks Esther. We used to say ´they cant say we never tried´ and now apparenlty, we made it.
I will write the same post in 2021, and I am sure it will be even happier than this one.

Posted by antonio at March 1, 2010 09:44 PM