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January 08, 2009


Some people in Spain, me among them, firmly believe on guardian angels. Beings which are not always visible and donĀ“t necessarily show up in a human form. Often they are just a thought, a feeling, a heavy rain or a clear sky without stars on a summer night. Sometimes, rarely, they pop up as a lucky chain of random events, so unlike that they look unnatural and people call them miracles, they are not miracles though, they are angels.
In very seldom cases, these beings come to us with the form or a man or a woman.
Last year I have heard about some of these angels and, even more strange, I have seen one. It left me just one year ago.
2008 has been a strange year, the strangest of my life, and the most exciting. My world had fallen apart when fall 2007 started, I did not see it coming and when it happened I could not figure out how the hell would I manage to go through the next months, I knew it would be over eventually, but I did not know when and did not know how.
It took 4 days to her, to it, to arrive. Angels can fly and that's the way it came, however, knowing how scared I can get, it just told me that it took a taxi. They can fly and they can lie too.
It stayed next to me for three months. It knew what I liked, it knew what I missed and above all it knew what I dreamt. It told me about the tales I had read when I was not even a teenager, reminded me the princesses I had fallen in love with, it took care of me and only let me look back when winter arrived.
It left with the first snows so that I could stop staring at it and open my eyes to reality again. Winter had come and my world had changed. It had taken my hand and walked me out of the sad fall to leave me in the middle of a promising winter. I have never seen it again, nobody knows about it and the only thing I have are those strange pictures that it made me take to remember the night when it let me see its wings.
2008 has been a great year because of it, and I am glad for having met it, for having heard its soft voice, kissed its thin lips and felt its airy body. I know I will not see it again, not with that form.
Winter has come again and with the first cold nights I have realised that there is a price to pay when an angel comes to help you, in my case the price is to miss it each time a new winter arrives knowing that its wings, her cab, is not going to bring it to me tonight.
It said she came from Bryansk, and sometimes I still miss her.

Posted by antonio at January 8, 2009 09:06 PM