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April 07, 2008



Geneva hasn't been always Esther but it has had meaning because of her. They are not a place or a person but a shelter and a goal.
The routines, the smell of coffee in Cornavin, the grappas at the end of the dinners in pyjamas, the useless expensive shopping on Thursdays, just on Thursdays, the hangovering Saturdays, the hangovering Sundays, the rush, the fights, the unestability, the mid-term plans, the rent delays, the debts, the loans, the accidents, the girlfriends, the boyfriends, the lovers, the four night stands, the unprotected life.
Everything is never possible, but one can at least try to get it if he has a backup. They are mine.
One proud past, two tough presents, two places, one city.
We have been here and it has never last, in the meantime the loneliness cares for her while Geneva takes care of me.

(Photo: Geneva by Fred Hamel, model: Lea, thank you guys)

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