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April 21, 2005


To whom it might concern,

I see on my Nedstat account that these last days there is a significant increase in the number of visits to ginebraconhelio.net from countries like the UK, Canada, Australia and the USA. I know this is a long shot but if by any chance one of those visitors has something to do with the Commonwealth Secretariat I would be eternally thankful if he could send me some information about which are the basic steps that a country (país) or little country (paisito) must follow in order to apply for such organization.
Today I read on the news that the President of my little country, Catalonia, willing to strong the differences with my country, Spain, has decided to apply for Catalonia being accepted at the association of countries formerly attached to the French Empire.
The fact is that I like a lot Catalonia as a part of Spain, but as scientific I have to face reality. My little coutry has chosen suicide and decided to break links with my coutry. Till yesterday I had really clear which was my choice: if Catalonia left Spain I would not leave with it. Madrid is a nice city and I am sure I would not be bad there watching from a safety distance the consequences of the realization of Catalan nazionalism´s dreams.
But that was till yesterday. A new horizon has been opened in front of me. I have always claimed that being Spanish is really bad luck and being an Catalan Spanish is even worse. But now the little president of my little country shows me a new possibility: a Catalan French. And I ask myself... Why not a Catalan English?
My dream fulfilled: Becoming English without having to marry an English woman (with all my respects).
I am sure it will not be like being a Londiner, but, as we say, something is something.
So, Mr President Maragall: I also want to be one of the Fathers of the Nation, and for every reason you give me to become part of the former French Empire I can offer you ten to join the English Empire (by the way, the latter much more interesting). Let´s forget about the French and let´s enter in the Commonwealth!!!
Hence, if you, dear reader, can help me with the burocracy, you are really welcome to send me all the information I need.

Yours Sincerely

P.S. Son mucho, muchísimo, más catetos de lo que me pensaba.

Posted by antonio at April 21, 2005 11:42 AM